I invited someone to my project in WorkingGroupLink, but he/she has no invitation. Why?

First make sure that the person's email address is entered correctly in the system.

Second, make sure you actually did invite the person (which means selecting his/her name, clicking the "circulate list" button, and following the prompts). If there isn't an orange "invited" icon next to a person's name, they didn't get invited. If there's a red "bounceback" icon next to the person's name, the email wasn't valid.

Third, ask the person to check his/her spam folder. We are always working to ensure that emails from WorkingGroupLink are recognized as legitimate, but every once in a while a hyper-vigilant spam filter grabs one. 

Fourth, check your email (including your spam folder) for a bounceback alert email. If an invitation goes out from WorkingGroupLink to an invalid email address, we will send you a bounceback notification.

If all else fails, you can always resend the invitation email by clicking the box next to the affected person's name, then clicking on the "circulate list" button on the right ride of the page, and following the prompts.

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