How do I upload vCards to a working group list?

There are a couple ways you can do this. Note that any contacts you upload must be saved in the vCard / .vcf format.

  1. If you are a WorkingGroupLink customer, you should have the WorkingGroupLink plugin installed on your Outlook. In Outlook, navigate to contacts, then click on the WorkingGroupLink icon in the ribbon at the top of your screen. An Outlook dialogue box will appear. From the drop down under Address Book select either your personal contacts or your firm's global directory. Then type the name of the contact you want to export in the search window, click once on the contact, then on OK. You will be prompted to select a project and an organization in your WGL. Once in WorkingGroupLink, refresh your project to see the imported contacts.

  2. Upload selected contacts from your drive directly. In the WorkingGroupLink application, click on "Add Contact" then "Upload vCard." Navigate to your contacts,* or to a folder in which you've temporarily stored vcards for a specific project. Note that we are adding a bulk upload feature, but for now you can only upload one vCard at a time.

* If you aren't sure where your contacts are, click the Start button, and then click your user name.    
   Type contacts in the address bar, and then press Enter. You can also simply open Windows Explorer and
   type "contacts" into the top menu or search menu.

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