How do permissions work?

We have three permission levels for WorkingGroupLink users. 

  1. All: This is the default permission level for the list admin (i.e. the person who creates it. He or she can edit anything anywhere in the list. The admin can also archive the list. 

  2. Org: Users with "org" rights can add, edit and move contacts within their organization, but cannot touch or reorder other contacts or organizations. Assign this permission to, for example, a co-advisor whom you want to provide working group info for his/her own firm (so you don't have to do it). He or she can let you know when it's done.

  3. Self: This is the default and minimum permission setting, and allows any user to edit his/her own contact details.

Permissions are set at the time you add a contact, via radio buttons at the top of the lightbox, right side of the screen. To change them later, simply click on the row that contains the contact, then click edit in the lightbox. Again, you will see permission levels at the top.

In case it doesn't go without saying, only the list's admin can change permission settings.

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