How do digests work?

You know how you used to send (or receive) a new pdf every time your working group list changed, even a little? Your boss got the email. Your client got it. They (and everyone else) got a little bit annoyed with having to save or print out another version. 

Now you don't have to do that, and everyone wins. Once you have invited a user to access a working group list in WorkingGroupLink, that person will - at his/her election - receive a very brief, succinct email (daily, weekly or never) with short bullets on changes to the WGL. The system generates these automatically. Users who want to will get a quick email apprising them of updates to the list, and they'll move on with their day. 

Because most users access the application from their phones, they won't need to print new versions anyway. (But if they like and want to do that, of course they can).

And the best part? The version online (desktop or mobile) is always the latest one. It syncs and updates automatically.

Like permissions, digests are set when a contact is added. The three options are: a) daily, b) weekly, or c) never. Any user can log in and change his/her digest settings by clicking his/her own name, then "edit" in the lightbox. The digest settings appear in the upper right of the screen.

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